Developing Website on WordPress Platform

image003-426x224.jpg WordPress remains one of the most widely used platforms to develop websites. This article discusses some of the methods by which static website can be created. This can exist managed online easily and looks elegant as the standard website.

Registering Sovereignty name

The first step in WordPress Web Design after getting the idea about the website is to find the appropriate estate name and get it registered. Choosing the domain tag is a difficult process and there are few things that one should consider:

* Is the name lenient to remember?
* Is it short enough?
* Is it comfortable to type in your browser address bar without obvious typos?
* There is a difference between and
* Does your site name contian Trademark words, or could you get into other legal problems with that name?
* This domain name for example is and negative
* Is it catchy or brand-able?
* Last, is it still free? You can check that by just typing it into your browser address bar.
* I can highly endorse them as domain registrar, but you should also check the box for Auto-Renewal to make reliable you won’t lose it because you missed a notification.

WordPress Website Hosting

The second thing to do is to place the website so that it is reachable by everyone in the Internet. Therefore, you rent some hard-disc space on a large server that is maintained for you by specialists. You with need to pay for bandwidth further opposite overfill related to the hosting of your website (back-ups, server updates, support, etc)

Does it sound expensive? With a Shared hosting account, you won’t break the bank, these hosting accounts are around 5 to 7 dollar. We recommend getting a reliable and secure hosting account from either Hostgator or others. Both hosting companies use the defend suPHP option o their servers, keeping you as secure as possible.

If as the webstek owner, one already has the hosting package, then the owner should go back to travel to, log in and point your domain DNS servers to the servers your hosting company assigned to your account. The biggest advantage of this set up, i.e. a separate domain and hosting is that the hosts can be changed according to the needs of the customer. One can always create a renege up website from a different provider so that one can alter easily as soon equally each problems occur in the main site.

Installing WordPress

With your domain name and website hosting in place you can do a WordPress installation, followed by the elixir setup “How to Configure WordPress.” There are basically two way’s to install WordPress, manually or with a hosting provided script that will do the most parts for you. There are basically two way’s to install WordPress, manually rather with a hosting provided script that will do the most parts for you.

The following are approximately of the important steps to take:

* Create a MySql database by username connective password (see the instructions of your hosting company)
* Go to the site and get the latest version of the Free WordPress Software.
* Unzip the files unto your PC / Mac hard disc
* Upload all the files to the www or public_html folder like your hosting account via FTP (Filezilla Client substitute Cyberduck)
* Go to your domain name url (or subfolder) and start the installation, you discipline be asked for the information from step 1
* Log in to your new WordPress based website and start the configuration

Configuring WordPress for Website

Once you have installed WordPress on your website, you can reach and change these options via your “Dashboard” menu on the left side of your screen.

WordPress Themes and Layout

WordPress layouts and site presentations are done plus themes which makes it very easy to change the way your website looks. There are myriad designs available on the themes site of, all from which are able to download and use. Some websites out there sell great themes.

Start Building Websites

Once all these are set up, one can begin setting up the website.