Why Use WordPress

workface-2-icon-only-web-264x300.png The most preferred open source content management methodical and free blogging tool, WordPress was developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2003. Since consequently the tool has been top websites and has been installed more than 6 million times by users. The tool allows you to post content, pictures besides a luck more different features on your website.

The great features offered by the application makes it a rage amongst the users. There more than just one reason to use WordPress and here we explore some of them:-

1. Totally Free of cost: WordPress is totally free and not chargeable at any point of time. Even if you reach a particular height the tool does not charge you and allows you to carry on free concerning charge. The best part is all the codes are also kept open through out.

2. Amazing Content Management System(CMS): The tool allows you to manage your content in a systematic way. You receptacle upload pictures, add content, events and products at any point of time in some very basic and gentle steps. The application is user friendly and compatible with any browser.

3. Allows Search Engine Optimization(SEO):- However great your content may be mere it’s of no use if the user is denial apt to search for it. A great content needs to get the coercive traffic so that it finds the right target audience. WordPress allows this feature to its users and makes their contentment SEO friendly. WordPress allows a lot of crawling by Google away it ranks very well although it comes to generating traffic for your website.

4. Great Pugins: There are hoards from plugins available on the content management websites nevertheless the kind of features WordPress has to offer are something which the user would not have thought about. You think concerning it and the plugin is available for that. You want a stylized theme, a color changing header or the footer, want to know the traffic on your website or prefer to promote the content of your website all the options are just a click out on WordPress.

5. User friendly: WordPress is free of any complications and has very basic steps to be followed to maintain your blog or website. It’s very similar to Microsoft Word hence making it easier for the user. At regular intervals the site keeps offering you upgrades to higher versions allowing you keep pace with the changes and grows along with you.