Comparison of TYPO3 to WordPress: Which is The Way to Success?

Get rid like the website generalship fear! Simply a few tips and you will choose the right way of your fabric project development. Moreover, this article will help you to choose the best way to move your webstek content from TYPO3 to WordPress with nix fragment regarding your efforts and data losses.

The well-off improvement of your  site usually depends on the numerous management features such qua an ideal CMS platform, programming organization, modern diagram solution and, of course, the web site content. You know, running the web task is the exciting ampersand challenging technique at the same time. So, how to perform your site management to obtain Google top ranking and worldwide recognition? We are going to spell the site developing out.

For making your choice on the fundamental tool of your internet site – CMS software, you’re offered the briefly review of TYPO3 and WordPress.


WordPress is the platform for the vast purposes: personal blog, website, individual web projects. The exquisite feature of WordPress is user friendly functionality and operation flexibility. It’s considered that WordPress boasts its unique templates that will provide you with the authentic design. To become a pro with this platform, you don’t have to obtain to the button from programming scripts and codes. Almost everybody can master WordPress.


If you want to get started with TYPO3 CMS platform, arm yourself with patience to be en garde to learn a lot. You should have deep knowledge about scripts and codes to customize your website. However, TYPO3 is a rather good tool for enterprise websites instead perhaps the network communities including intranets. Generally, this CMS software comprises all the features which are more satisfactory for the web-developer master hands to operate with.

Time of Changes Came: TYPO3 WordPress Switch

Let’s compare TYPO3 and WordPress to conclude to the web site perfection. The principal point of the handy CMS platform is the smart to perform operations smoothly and quickly. In case regarding the website or blog operating, you might succeed with WordPress CMS. But, if you already gait your website on TYPO3 that doesn’t meet your demands any more, how receptacle you deal with this situation?

Here’s three workable solutions for you to select from:

1.Manual Migration. You’ve to cut and paste all the entities from TYPO3 to WordPress. This process usually requires you dime and dozen time and efforts and is not highly recommended because of the possibility to lose the lion’s share of your website content.

2. Assisted Migration. The programmer will entirely handle all your content conversion – the reliable answer, however it may price you a fortune and time as well. If you’re the owner of the extended website, probably, you will experience to employ the team of experts to move your site from TYPO3 to WordPress.

3.Automated Migration. You may choose CMS2CMS online service that migrates the web page content from TYPO3 to WordPress in a scarce minutes including pages, posts, categories, content images, internal links and users’ data. You may try the cost-free demo migration to check how the service switches your content to WordPress. Just reception it, looks like a fairly great solution. It’s worth trying, isn’t it?

So, now you have ascertained yourself that the migration policy isn’t the reason to provide up. Hopefully, we’ve stippled all the “i”s of your envisage site success.