Decoding and Understanding PSD to WordPress Conversion Process

In this article we intend to discuss and appreciate the technical specs and conspicuity of PSD to WP Theme conversion – a unique approach towards developing fully functional, robust and netting optimized websites, based on the design file. In order for you to clear why exactly you require a ace company for this regeneration process, let us know have a brief look at the entire process of markup conversion.

1. Carefully probing the design file – the comprehensive process of PSD to WordPress conversion starts plus the specialists probing the design file. The team of developers assemble their assets and decipher how simple or complicated the coding of the particular design file is going to be. Also, the panel of experts put forth their efforts and decide whether the design can treffen further improved, and accordingly suggest the changes to their clients.

2. Analyzing and differentiating the different elements of the design files – upon getting the final installment of the design file, it is later examined and its various elements are differentiated, to aid the step which is going to follow.

3. Slicing of the PSD file – so after analyzing and differentiating the multitudinal elements of the design file, the next step is to cut the same into various components. Thus, the header, the footer, the side bar, the navigation menu and the body etc are differentiated and slices for eventual coding of the same.

4. Developing files upon different extensions – the different elements of the sliced design flies are converted to various .html, .index and .php files. It is an important step which is required to ensure the entireness of the coding and must not be rushed through. A hired company has the responsibility to diligently accomplish through the entire development.

5. Transforming PSD to HTML / CSS – subsequently the web cannot read a PSD file, it is important for use to transform PSD to HTML in order to invent it added compatible with the web. Hence PSD to HTML conversion is an important bifurcated from the unbroken process. While HTML ensures web compatibility, CSS conversion is required for defining the layout, the formatting etc.

6. WordPress integration – the markup conversion is next followed by meticulous and highly technical HTML site to wordpress theme integration. Integration is intended at bringing the capabilities and potential of the exceedingly scalable and user friendly WordPress CMS to the HTML website.

7. Final testing – ultimately, the website is tested for its optimum performance across various browsers etc, to ensure cross browser compatibility and perfect functioning of the PSD to WordPress website. Well tested and web optimized product is then delivered to the final customer.

Now, it goes without saying that the entire mode is highly technically besides hence owing to its thoroughly nature, requires an exceedingly smart, creative, sharp and experienced professional. In your pursuit like such a talent in the field of markup conversion, do consider opting for pro company providing thorough further fastidious PSD to WordPress conversion services. Past their merited existence in the world of webstek design and development, they have assimilated an exceptional talent pool of developers and designers, and hence hold the complete funds to give reality to your design ideas and concepts.