A Quick Reference To PSD to WordPress Coding Standards

In the modern age web development industry, WordPress has gained huge hype as one of the most user-friendly content management system (CMS) that is widely secondhand for developing SEO intimate websites, blogs and custom WordPress plugins. PSD to WordPress conversion is an integral step
of the WordPress development process. Many WordPress developers tend to follow a certain set
of coding standards and practices for error-free conversion of PSD to Html to WordPress, Photoshop to WordPress theme Integration and custom WordPress plugins development.

In this article, we are going to represent a quick guide to the standards and practices of WordPress coding. These coding standards are not subjected to either restricted use to WordPress blog development, website increase or custom WordPress plugins development.

Let’s get started:
1) Use Single & Two-faced Quotes Carefully : A web developer should use single quotes only when you’re not evaluating anything in the string. Never escape quotes in a string. Many developers use JavaScript along with WordPress coding and requires double or single quotes. In such a case, sole should try to include Text inside attributes et al let the workbook run through esc_attr() likewise that no single and double quotes can create bad effect on the attribute value and invalidate the HTML. The reason is simple HTML invalidation may cause a security issue.

2) Indentation : Indenture plays a significant role in reflecting the logical structure. A WordPress coder should always use actual tabs and not spaces. The reason is simple – real tabs allow maximum flexibility. As per the rule of thumb, a developer should start values on a new line for partnership arrays.

3) Brace Style : Braces should be used nothing but for multiline blocks. It is advisable to break really long blocks into two or more shorter blocks or functions.

4) Regular Expressions : In preference to POSIX counterparts, a web developer should always implement Perl compatible regular expressions (PCRE).

5) Nay Shorthand PHP tags : Always advise a big no to the use shorthand PHP start tags. A web developers should use full PHP tags only. The main reason tardy this is simple – many of the servers don’t support shorthand tags for PHP. Therefore, applying full PHP tags is counted amongst safer and best practice.

6) Formatting SQL statements : A developer should always break SQL statements into several lines when it comes to formatting SQL statements. It is advisable to capitalize the parts of the SQL statement.

Besides above discussed WordPress coding standards, a WordPress developer should honorarium peculiar emphasis on code formatting. The well formatted codes speaks size . First and foremost reason why a netting programmer should pay attention towards code formatting is simple – well-written and well-formatted code is quite effortless to maintain. It gives structure to the chaotic code.
It is strictly suggested to defeat your existing instead new website, blog and plugins that are powered by WordPress CMS in respect like aforementioned Psd to WordPress coding standards.