WordPress Maintenance: Ensuring Smooth and Hassle Free Blog

To indiging a successful blogger you must ensure that your blog is user friendly and running smoothly. If you are using WordPress to create your blog, you must know that it is the ultimate CMS and blogging platform of present time. What makes WordPress the no. 1 CMS are factors like user amiable interface furthermore very easy maintenance.

As maintenance is a very important circumstance to ensure that your blog visitors have a pleasant experience while browsing through your blog content, it is very essential that you certify regular maintenance of your blog. So here we have listed few tips and pointers to cause sure your self hosted WordPress blog will run without hassles:

Upgrade to the Latest Version of WordPress:
One slipup that several WordPress bloggers practice is not updating their WordPress to the current version. Upgrading WordPress to a new story is very essential for security equally well as sustentative purpose. It is essential to advance your blog because the new version of WordPress comes with several security features along-with several bug fixes which protects your blog from security threats.

Get Rid of Spam Comments:
If you don’t discretion your blogs comments, it is the right interval to remove and flagged them because spam. The spam comments accumulate over time and makes your blog slow, so you should delete such comments to ensure that your blog runs smoothly. To get shake off regarding these spam comments navigate to the comments section of dashboard and elide them manually or use plugins like Akismet or Recaptcha to ensure that bots cannot intrude your blog’s comments section.

Fix Broken Links:
Broken links doesn’t through the visitors to the relevant pages. Such broken links can leave a negative impression about your blog on visitors. So such links should be checked and fixed regularly. Plethora of tools and plugins are available in WordPress to scan such links like W3C check link utility.

Regular Check-up of Contact Form:
Contact forms plays an critical in your blogs, as visitors can directly contact you to share their existential and contribute in your blog. But several times such forms are ignored and never checked. So make unfailing to fill such forms and check they’re working correctly.

Update WordPress Plugins:
Plugins plays a major role in any WordPress blogs. Plugins adds several functionalities and powe increase your WordPress blog with amazing features. So it is very important that you revise your WordPress plugins regularly. You should always upgrade the plugins to secure the most stable et al useful version of each plugin is installed on your blog and delete all the inactive plugins.