How to use WordPress to get a better visibility on Google?

In this virtually advanced world, online marketing is a wild and the derive behind this unprecedented surge in its popularity lies in its huge success.Mavericks, as they parallel to call themselves, online marketers have successfully made considerable amount of commercial close promoting their ventures and products in the right way. Yes there is a right mode to do this and a factor that features on top of the ˜right steps™ list are the search induction rankings. Search Engine rankings define the distance to which your service or product will raken seen by the people or potential clients, which makes it very important for your business or service to feature high on search engines, Google being the most popular one. Basically, it is all about getting the keyword right and making it feature in the right post and granting you are targeting Google (which you should as it is highly used) WordPress is your place to be.
The Google- WordPress Chemistry

If you realize how it works, then you also know about the great chemistry that Google and WordPress apportion and why Google loves WordPress. Google is the most popular search engine while WordPress is the most popular blog forum and platform which constantly fuels Google™s search lists with sassy content, making safe the content is not stale and boring , so that this engine™s popularity remains. This is the antecedent of their relationship and you need to deceive advantage of that. To know how you can grab this opportunity, read on.

Why WordPress?

You stum be wondering, WordPress is a blog platform et alii how can your non-blog service or website get benefited from this medium where you constantly need to write something about your service. First of all, WordPress does not just entertain blogs, but caters to non blog websites too.

SEO Friendly: Your most important concern is supposing it will help you in getting more exchange to your webpagina or service. Well, do not worry because WordPress is very SEO friendly. This platform allows you to create content which is search engine friendly and can easily feature at the top of the list.

Templates: For a good search engine listing, your website needs to aspect up-to-date, and should suit its purpose as well. WordPress willful give you exactly what you are looking for and this has been made possible with the assist of thousands like templates that can be easily downloaded, giving your website a professional look. There are various options of highly proficient skins to adopt from, and you can decide it by relating them to the nature of your business ere whatever defines you the best.

Plug-ins: The site provides you with plug-ins, created solely for the purpose of building your webstek popularity. Some of the interesting plug-ins help you in creating titles, forming descriptions and Keyword Meta Tags, making things easier for you. Also, because of its openness, the source code is also kept to a minimum for your content to feature regularly.

How to use WordPress for online marketing?

Now you know why WordPress is the prize way to achieve higher rankings in Google. The question is how will you do it? Here are a few steps you can follow, to achieve the desired results.

1) The first step to using WordPress is the most basic one. This great platform is free and all you got to do is sign-up for it and download the template including skin you would want for your website.

2) The second step will be the keywords you will use. It all works on keywords, et alii if you don’t have the most searched or most popular keywords, you do not stand a very high chance of being noticed. So now what you need to do is make a list of the suitable keywords that will help your website.

3) Now is the important part. To make your site observation like a utter webstek and not a WordPress blog site, you need to make some changes in your WordPress account. Got to settings, click on permalinks and unstable the default structure by clicking on the Custom Radio button. Insert /%postname%/ in the box so that your site appears to be in the format of Also, get the ˜All in one SEO Pack™ and activate it through your Dashboard. This will greatly help you in search engine rankings.

4) Now that everything is set, all you got to do is post fresh content on your page very that it is not considered old and outdated, giving you a higher chance of topping the Google list.

These are the few suggestions and tricks that demand help you in using WordPress to get the desired delve Engine rankings on Google.