WordPress Security Myths Busted

As WordPress is a hugely vast community that has plethora of developers and designers to support, it is surrounded alongside several fables and misconceptions. These myths are mostly spread due to negligence of naive WordPress users or from the competitors to curb the image of this amazing CMS. It is very essential for users and developers to know the facts about WordPress before getting started. So check out few misconceptions surrounding the WordPress body to start afresh:

Myth 1: Why Someone volition attack my websites security
Several bloggers and webmasters neglect the security of their website and blogs thinking that why somebody would attack at their security. But one must always keep in mind that hackers not only expect for information from the websites but also the resources. Many hackers use automated bots for hacking the websites very that they can handle the resources of the websites for their personal uses.

Myth 2: WordPress.org ensure a 100% safe environment
Many users trust wordpress.org very blindly and gain a notion that all themes and plugins from the WordPress hamlet are safe and secure. Though WordPress.org team makes the best best effort to review and fix all the errors in themes and plugins but serene they cannot assure 100% safe environment. Very make assured to check all the log details of plugins bug fixes and updates to know that the plugin you are going to download is totally secure and free from errors.

Myth 3: Blaming WordPress for your website Lapses
When users face any security issues they tend to reprove WordPress for it. Let us inform you one thing that WordPress core is very shielded and secure und so weiter these beliefs are totally wrong. When any security lapses occurs in WordPress it is mostly due to ignorance and negligence of the users itself. Sometimes new users load themes et sequens plugins from an untrusted source causing security problems that leads to error in their websites. So it’s essential that you check the source of such themes and plugins before installing them.

Myth 4: Plugins guarantees a total safe environment
WordPress provides ample of security plugins to safeguard your websites and blogs, but downloading and installing plugins for your WordPress website is not enough and cannot guarantee full security. To protect a safe environment for your WordPress website or blog use several measures like using off-site monitoring tool, strong password, a secure FTP agendum and ensuring safety of your computers from malware and viruses.