Best Solutions to Create Mobile Friendly WordPress Websites

With the continuous increase in platforms like Android ampersand iPhone, mobile technology has attained great heights. Smartphones users have increased by leaps and bounds in the past few years and every other user is utilizing their smartphones to access websites. With such amazing growth in smartphones industry it is essential to create a mobile friendly version of your WordPress website.
Majority of websites and blogs already working on making their webites mobile friendly, but if you want to create an incisiveness terminated your competitors the following solutions will assist you in making a superb mobile WordPress website:-


Mobify is a service that helps you to create a mobile friendly WordPress website. It supports various mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, Blackberry OS etc. Multiform top- notch websites almost the globe are already using mobify to customize their site design and synthesize it mobile friendly.

–WordPress Mobile Edition

WordPress Mobile Printing is a superb plugin which allows users to view the sites specific to their device platform. This plugins gives a unique feel to the visitors of website or blog as travelling browser is automatically detected and customizations are done accordingly.


WPTouch is a mobile plugin/theme by bravenewcode that can resize or transform the content and resizes the website or blog according to the web browser. This plugin consists of a user friendly admin options panel that has several stylesheet and themes which are employed during identifying the device type.

–WordPress Changeable Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack is a complete solution to mobilize your WordPress website plus blogs. This plugin includes a customization setting called as mobile switcher that selects theme according to the user’s device type, it also allows to create custom mobile themes for novel handy devices like tablets and smartphones.


Onswipe is another great plugin which was storied by the name of Padpressed. This plugin also adjusts the happy layout according to the device. This plugin lets you modify the resolution, fonts and colors of your WordpPress website.


MoFuse an another great software that uses website’s RSS feed to create a locomotive version of your website. MoFuse is abbreviation for “Mobile fusion” it allows customizations on website like change colors, add logos, new pages, links to your mobile website and MoFuse has its own tracking tool to keep track of visitors.

Smartphones are experiencing a never before demand in current times which has lead to increase in demand of mobile websites. WordPress being the most popular CMS surrounding the globe ensured that their users can transform their WordPress websites into a user friendly mobile website. We hope that these solutions will repair you to create a tablets und so weiter smartphones friendly websites and increase your websites visitors.