Mistakes that can limit the growth of your WordPress Website

It’s a fact from life that no matter how much perfect you are, we still make mistakes. Even if you are an experienced WordPress developer or programmer polysyndeton love functioning on WordPress tranquil their are chances that you can make mistakes interim working on it.Yes we do mourn senseless mistakes but there is nothing we can do except science from our mistakes and other people’s mistakes.

If you are a beginner in WordPress development and fortunate enough to not have made any lapsus linguae till now, Here are few WordPress most common mistakes made by developers that will help you to defraud caution from doing any blunders:

Blunder No.1 – Invent backup of your site

The technological world is very dynamic and changing rapidly. In this dynamic world you cannot census on anything. The WordPress is wholly stable CMS still their are chances like crashing of your website or blogs because of unauthenticated intrusion and system crashes. So it’s better that you are prep for such incidents and don’t loose all your data. Therefore, it is essential that you create backup of your website. To create backup, go to the materiel option and click export or even better utile plugin like WP-DB-Backup to shield your website data.

Mistake No.2 – Not Using the Google Analytics

You can’t improve yourself until you keep track of what you are doing and where do you stand. Similarly if you are running your website and blog without analyzing the results then it would be difficult to achieve success. Google analytics is the best tool to analyze and monitor your website’s traffic and keyword tracking. Using Google analytics gives you the deep spirituelle about your potential customers and improves your WordPress websites traffic.

Misperception No.3 – Missing out the unstable platforms

In this technology driven world smartphones and tablets have become a part of daily life. So if you want to accede high traffic for your website it is quite significant that you have a mobile user friendly website. To make your WordPress website mobile friend;y either use plugins like Wptouch ampersand WordPress Mobile Edition, or the secondary option is to work on a conscious WordPress theme that can be used for tablets and smartphones.

Pratfall No.4 – Creating fuss in webstek by providing excessive Information

Creating a high budget website without keeping a proper design in mentation can lead to a disaster. The beginning priority you necessity set for your WordPress website is ignoring complexity and encouraging simplicity. In order to grab attention of your visitors don’t create mess in your website using cluttered sidebar, excessive ads, links and widgets. Sidebar must provide visitors relevant information.