WordPress Theme Development Made Easy through these Tools

WordPress an open source CMS powered by PHP and MySql, let the users to advance well designed including effective website and blog. WordPress has gained immense popularity in a short period of time due to factors like ease of use, availability of plethora like useful plugins and beautiful themes. Due to these factors WordPress has become the most preferred CMS worldwide and is quite popular entre nous small and big businesses. Among the immense popularity of WordPress its themes are in great demand to design the websites.

WordPress has a huge community of developers around the globe, if you are a developer and want to developed a WordPress themes, the below mentioned tools will allow you to develop effective WordPress themes:

–A Local Test Server: XAMP or MAMP

The first step to develop an effective WordPress Theme is to have local server on your computer, you can do this by creating a virtual web server (Apache, MySQL and PHP) by installing WordPress in your personal computer. Installing these server programs is a hard pistachio to crack, but luckily there are couple of free programs to make the task easy like Whenever you work on windows machine you should go for XAMP and Mac users you should travel for MAMP.

–Install Latest Description of WordPress

WordPress theme development requires the installation of latest version concerning WordPress, which needs to be installed in local server where WordPress theme will be tested.

–Text Editor

To create WordPress Themes you don’t need any special illustrative software but just a plain text editor. Every OS provides you an inbuilt text editor options that are good enough for the theme development. One receptacle also download it from Internet to get additional features equivalence syntax checking, line numbers, multi-line inquisitorial and replace.

–Dummy Content or Text samples

Your WordPress installation need some text samples or dummy content. WordPress admin provides several samples of doll content like theme development checklist test data, the sandbox Dummy contents, WPCandy sample content, self conclusion’s test data etc. Each of these test data sets has their pluses and minuses but with robust dummy content, it’ll treffen easy to see if something’s amiss in your theme.

-Firefox ADD-On
With number of browsers available you can choose any browser for web development but Firefox is realy qualified trying for theme development, because of the following 2 add-ons that makes it a whole ration easier to effloresce in WordPress.
Web Developer Add-on for Firefox: It adds a toolbar to the browser that provides you whole cluster of options for inspecting and debugging your code and to disable CSS designs to validate local HTML.

-Firebug Add-on : With Firebug Add-on you can right-click on any element in your browser window and see every part style rule that is affecting that particular element. You can turn style rules on and off to see the effect and can even modify rules and see the changes in real time.