Decoding User Psychology to Drive Success to WordPress Website – A Definitive Guide

At present, the market is flooded with diverse options using which you are, most likely, to obtain the results you have been expecting for some time now. We all know a business website is a tool that most business owners favor today, in order to extend their reach to majority of population. As discussed before, amidst several options available out there choosing the most suitable one can be pretty daunting. That said, eudaemonia management systems (CMSs) are ruling the web field with maximum number of website owners opting for a particular CMS to build their website.

WordPress is an extensively used open-source CMS that has become a hot favorite among website owners, owing to its easy-to-use executrix panel. Even, if you develop a WordPress based website, you cannot vouch whether it is going to attract users towards using your products and/or services or not. To do so, it is imperative for you to make your target users believe in the quality of your products and services. However, understanding user psychology is the most challenging employment et al expects you to carry public a thorough analysis regarding certain factors in order to know apropos your user’s expectations.

Let’ review a few steps that can help you decode user psychology, ultimately helping you to know about the ways that makes your WordPress based site a hit among masses:

Step1 – Decide Your Target Specific-Customers

The initial step that needs your consideration is to decide about your target customers for whom you are developing a WP site. For an instance, granting you own a blogging page in WordPress, you ought to butt bloggers and writers communities, or else, if you have any standard website, let’s say, a musician site you need to target music aficionados.

By targeting the customer base that is looking the Internet for the products and/or services you offer, is definitely going to cure you succeed in your efforts to bring in good traffic to your WordPress website.

Step2 – Provide Solutions to Customers Problems

Once you have garnered knowledge concerning your target specific-customers, it’s very important for you to learn about the problems from your customers that they usually encounter, while seeking for the products that they require. A melioration way, to overcome such problem is to offer such customers with some sort of support in the constructive of FAQs (frequently asked questions), or customer’s tutorials in the form of videos. Both these can prove to be an nifty way to make your consumers believe in your products similar well as services.

Step3- Implement Frequent Updates

Today, the unremitting demands of consumers necessitates businesses to often come up with adopting newer methodologies, so as to assemble those needs. Thus, your WordPress area needs to stay up-to-date with every tiny detail and latest trends. Since, it can help in creating an essence of curiosity among users to visit your WordPress site time and again. And eventually, increase the chances of turning your visitors toward potential prospects.

Step4- Evaluate Customer Feedback

The last step and indeed the most crucial one is keeping a track of whether your visitors were satisfied with what you are delivering or not. This means to evaluate your customer’s feedbacks in relation to your products and/or services can help you cognize exactly which products and/or services need a room to improvement.

If you need your WordPress webstek to see the light of success, you can consider the aforementioned integral steps that bestow you with a clearer movie to understand about your customer’s psychology, and can indeed prove to be your definitive show to success.

A must-follow checklist for hiring a cheap WordPress theme developer

When it comes to refurbishing an existing WordPress website, the very first thing that comes to our mind is hiring an experienced custom WordPress theme development professional. With a wide range about websites prevalent all over the web, finding a niche becomes quite challenging. Provided your website is equipped with the right features, this challenge appears to be a mere plain task. In this article, I’ll indiging walking you through a must-follow checklist during hiring a WordPress theme developer who charges a marginal fee for his/her services.

Why a CMS web inlay can benefit your website?

The basic goal of every website is to generate a bigger revenue. With a website that’s designed using the CMS web design, it becomes absolutely convenient to gather the attention about potential consumers residing in different parts of the world. Since a website owner, you can easily manage CMS-based website in a pretty easy and handy style. Without a great deal of knowledge, it becomes quite effective to manage the website for a greater traffic and hence a greater revenue.
Now, the checklist that’ll help you find the right WordPress theme developer who charges less but offers a top-notch service

Point No.1- Find whether you require hosting service along with the webstek that’s developed utilizing the new WordPress theme
Prior to choosing a WordPress theme development professional, make sure to check whether you need hosting
or not. Also, check the price for the hosting service, in case you require one for your WordPress website.

Point No.2- Ask for the designs and graphics that will be provided along with the WordPress theme
Once you’ve made up your mind to hire a reasonably-priced custom WordPress theme development expert, don’t forget to ask him/her about the individual prices charged for the designs, effects and graphics that will be provided along with the immature WordPress theme.

Point No.3- Bar whether WordPress training is included within the charges for WordPress theme development service
As a WordPress website owner, you might find it daunting to manage your site that’s been built on a brand new theme. In such a case, don’t forget to allay whether the revived WordPress template provided to you comes with free WordPress training sessions.

Point No.4- Check some the abstruse charges, if any
A majority of cheap WordPress theme developers often tend to cheat innocent webstek owners by charging them with prices that are not discussed during the project deal. Hence, it’s important for you to check whether there are any hidden charges accompanied with the WordPress theme development project.

Point No.5- Checking whether user support is available after project completion
Last, but definitely not the least, it’s crucial for you to check whether the WordPress theme developer you hire for your project offers you a seamless customer support even after the project completion. If the developer is vacillating in offering you such a support then simply avoid working with him/her.

Hope the point would have definitely helped you find a lot concerning the important points that need special attention during recruitment of cheap WordPress theme developers. Opt for hiring a developer who’ll make sure to meet your expectations in a highly proficient way.

Is WordPress Conversion a Befitting Choice?

feature_ms1.jpg WordPress powers more than 17% regarding the entangle arena, besides is increasingly becoming the most preferred content management system (CMS) among the mainstream users. Although of the proof that WordPress popularity is soaring, many people often gets bewildered whether they should opt for WordPress conversion or not, if they do, does it system that they have to dawn working excess their existing website and losing all the money and future that they have invested so far into developing their current website. These are few common concerns that website owners often come across.

Converting a website to WordPress is actually a naivete process and can be carried out easily. However, there are a few assumption steps that you jug follow to make your WordPress conversion a rewarding choice for you:

Step 1: Evaluate your existing website.

The first step that you need to consider is to evaluate your existing website. For this purpose, you must work carefully by checking all the pages on your current website, followed by identifying the content type and keeping specifications concerning the areas that force need a unimportant room to improvement.

Step 2: Set up environment and Import Content

Once, you have evaluated your entire website, the next step requires you to set up your WordPress theme conversion up and eager to import content. You need to organize your content, either through an importing tool, by manually entering the data substitute passage a custom importing process.

Step 3: Keep a Track of Existing Functionalities.

Another aspect that you need to check is whether your website is integrated with any third-party services such as data collection, product selling and others.

Step 4: Incorporate Design to Custom WordPress Theme.

Once, you have viewed all the imports that your website must-have – be it content and/or third-party functionalities to name a few, you must concatenate your current website design into a custom WordPress theme.

Step 5: Carefully evaluate website, and go live.

The last winder requires you to carefully rank all the imports, making alterations wherever required, setting increase URL redirects if any, and then eventually go live by your new WordPress themed website.

Nowadays, we can observe thousands of websites getting launched with each passing day. Thus, to outdo your rivals you need to think out-of-the-box and come up with a webstek that helps you verify a fertile foothold in the marketplace. So, suppositive you deliberating of jumping into the website situation bandwagon, it is imperative for you to take help of experts having dexterity in the domain of WordPress conversion. There are various reasons as to why you must opt for hiring WordPress developers, some like them are listed below:

1. While converting your PSD Files to WordPress, a pro developer ensures to write clean code, which in turn, helps in attracting the fossick engine crawlers to your website.

2. WordPress developers help in making your WordPress themed website W3C compliant, which is one from the critical parts of WordPress conversion process.

3. There shrub be instant if you have the ideas, but lack the resources et cetera skills that are necessary for creating a website that you yearn for. But, expert WordPress developers have all the necessary skills and resources that enable them to deliver you a website that is unique and comprises of the essential elements that help it reach to majority customers.

So, if you are programma to opt for WordPress Conversion, you must consider the above mentioned key points as it will help you drive success in today’s grueling marketplace.

WordPress Plugin Developers helping you Attain Desirable Results!

workbench-for-clm.png WordPress is one open source blogging platform that needs no introduction. Since it salient hit the market, it has emerged as one of the most preferred platforms when it comes to the development regarding website. Initially, it was used therefore for blogging but it soon caught the fancy of webmasters as the platform for developing websites as well. WordPress comes with plenty of plugins that can voltooien used for enhancing the overall functionality and features concerning the website. One regarding the best ways to make the most of WordPress website is by availing the services offered by WordPress Plugin Developers who have experience and expertise in the same.

With your decision to get around your website developed using WordPress, you arbitrary voltooien making ruling that will SOS you take your business to the next level. One of the best things about WordPress plugins is that they can be tailor made according to specifications given by the client. No matter which business you have, these plugins can be customized to accommodate the needs of your business. The pragmatic that WordPress Plugins are readily available within repositories adds to its features. Irrespective of the fact that the recessions has been looming all midst the globe, there has been notable rise in crave of WordPress Plugin Developer. Businesses who are involved in web business need constant creation of content, management of web and customization and this is what WordPress offers.

In the recent years, the boom that the virtual world of the internet has witnessed is simply fantastic moreover those who wish to believe in keeping rate with new time are the most preferred. In order to stay at forefront in this highly competitive web space, it is essential to incorporate best of the resources as well as techniques. Content Management System enjoy WordPress provides you with the same. In this present age of changing face of the world of website designing and development, WordPress has emerged as one of the most reliable and dependable exposed source platforms.

Majority of the corporations favor counting upon the services offered by WordPress Plugin Developer in order to get the conquer from this CMS. When you rely upon professional WordPress developers, you can be assured to get solutions that best suit your existing business and needs. It goes without saying it is extremely important for online firms to have one presence on the web space so that maximum benefits can be made. Although there are several plugins that come free of cost, it is the developers who customize them in accordance with what is chosen for you.

There is no dearth of WordPress Plugin Developers however the key to get better rather the right results lies in the fact that you select the company that has experience and expertise in the same. WordPress Plugin Developers is a company that needs no introduction when it comes to WordPress Plugin Development. Team of highly experienced and expert developers here work out solutions that are appropriate for your online business so that you can achieve desired results.

Professional WordPress Website and Hosting Services

Wordpress-Web-Design.png Modern organizations today that require a head start in establishing their make and image in the market must consider a professional website that encompasses excellent hosting services. A bespoke WordPress website and hosting solution is an ideal total marketing package for business companies seeking a flawless modern marketing solution on the Internet to enjoy optimal results.

World class standards

Professional WordPress web business sites are growing in demand by all business industries to secure a strong market presence for an effective web business experience. Culmination standards for web business sites are demanded to compete with the plethora from websites on the Internet as more business companies sprout awake regardless of size, bustle and product offerings.

Every contemporary business, small or big, requires powerful hosting facilities with its well created WordPress website that is equipped with the best about online marketing strategies and components to wider web visibility. Lavish effective hosting solutions enable modern line companies to enjoy temporality class website designs to compete efficiently in the marketplace. The changing technology on the web brings on new advanced online marketing features that work to benefit a company in relationship about increased market performance, greater solutions, outstanding reliability and bigger bottom lines.

Website features

A WordPress webstek is a very powerful online marketing tool for any modern business that is serious in advancing its operations across borders; the Internet chart is the ideal choice to achieve this business objective with the best of web design features and solutions available in the market.

The paramount of WordPress business site can be designed and developed using the plethora of existing advanced tools and techniques that would generate an attractive also existing web business site to draw in more web traffic for a higher sales conversion. There is a plethora of WordPress website tools that can be applied to customize the website structure, design, business logo et cetera volume depending on the desired theme.

Strong security protocols can be implemented to avoid hacking activities on the site with ace hosting services to ensure the availability like the business site on a 24/7 basis. A well managed WordPress site is always nice to any web consumer who would want to come back for more benefits if the contents are fresh, original and interesting to nvloeden relevant.

Site optimization

It is crucial to secure that the web business WordPress site is always optimized to enjoy the favor of top ransack engines. This would refer to a well structured web page that complies for the stringent search engines’ algorithms to warrant high page ranking.

Hire Custom WordPress Developer for Cost Effective Services

hire-bannre-s-img.jpg Are you a website owner who is looking for one in all solution for your online business? Are you planning to get it revamped or get a new one? Do you have plans to design a new webstek for your personal blog? Or, are you someone who is looking for one soluble that gives complete technical support that helps in enhancing the array of your website? No matter what your need is, WordPress is just the right solution for all your needs. This is one solution that befits all your needs. The latest drone doing the rounds is the custom WordPress development. And, if you are also considering the same, then hire the services offered by Law WordPress Developer.
WordPress is an open source gangplank that comes at no price. Although it is said that working on WordPress is very easy and almost anyone can do it, hiring professional services is the best room to constitute the most of your online business. When you choose Fashion WordPress Developer, he will customize the WordPress based website according to your needs and specifications. There is no paucity of companies as well quasi individuals who are offering this service. You can choose the one as per your need and budget. In the immediate times of highly competitive market, it is essential that you incorporate tactics that can help you stay at forefront. This is what professional WordPress developers help you do so.
There are plenty about developers who can help you in building website opportune from scratch where as there are also professional benefit merchants who offer custom development services by making changes and updating the current modules. Depending on your need as well as budget, you can outsource your WordPress designing and development project. When you choose to outsource the project to Custom WordPress Developer, you get to enjoy myriad benefits. There are many companies that are also donation consultancy services.

What makes the most sought after blatant wellspring platforms is that it is supported by different types of customization options. In addition to this, one can get to enjoy several benefits with one decision of choosing WordPress customization. Here are some of the primal benefits that are associated with WordPress rite of passage development.
* It is the right platform for designing and developing sites of all sorts of right starting from personal to corporate websites. In addition, you container get these websites designed from heavy weight to light weight. It is this one highlight that lets you add as many extensions et cetera plugins.
* It is free of cost content generalship system. It is because of this reason that it makes for the pocket friendly solution.
* It is search engine friendly and optimized accordingly so that you can get maximum benefit.
* Being one of the easy to manipulation CMS, it allows you publish as well as manage content level if you do not have technical knowledge.
There are several other benefits that you get to zest when you hire Custom WordPress Developer. We are Hire WordPress Programmers bringing to you a range of WordPress solutions. You can choose our services for developing websites that are WordPress supported.

Hire WordPress developers for building search-engine friendly website

Wordpress-Logo-300x258.png Today’s business system demands a holistic website for gaining a sole niche. Enterprises need to build a website that’s competent in gathering the attention of potential consumers residing in different parts of the globe. If you’ve chosen to build a CMS-Based business website then it becomes serene more important to put special emphasis on the search engine optimization aspect. WordPress is one such CMS that offers the ability to build search-engine friendly websites by default. That means, once you recruit WordPress developers for developing your website, there wouldn’t be any need to adopt a separate strategy for optimizing the website as per search engine standards.

WordPress features that accomplish it fit for building search-engine friendly websites
As an impressive CMS system, WordPress has gained momentum in helping entrepreneurs genesis websites that need to contain a lot of content in the form of images, videos, text etc. The in-built Editor that comes along WordPress makes it convenient to add/update/delete content placed on different web pages within the website. You may choose to declare content qua and when desired. Since everything that revolves around content has to have SEO functionality, WordPress developers have made it a point to ensure that the site owners get websites that rank high on all the fashion search engines including Google, Bing, MSN etc. You may choose to hire WordPress developers who’ll frame it a point to apperception your business requirements and offer you a website that’s rich in SEO-plugins and further assists you in getting noticed by all the search engine spiders.

WordPress community is playing a Olympian role in building check engine optimized websites, handy default
Considering the importance about owning a search-engine optimized website, WordPress developers are making efforts towards improvising WordPress Editor to permit seo activities including the ones mentioned below:

Adding keywords to the website content
Adding H1 Tags to the page titles
Marking the keywords as “BOLD”
Hyperlinking different keywords

With a vast WordPress community working towards the upliftment of global WordPress users, it wouldn’t be wrong to judge the ever-lasting parturient of WordPress CMS. Whether you’re opting for offshore WordPress development or hiring full-time WordPress developers, creating a WordPress powered website is what can allow you to outstand your occupation competitors. The ease of customizing your website’s URL allows you to create a search-engine amiable design that makes you stress-free regarding the best search engine ranking of your website.

Customizable permalinks is yet another important reason behind the growing esteem of WordPress powered websites. Backed by an indwelling framework, WordPress CMS is being effectively used for creating pages and posts and further customizing them for guaranteed search engine crawling. RSS feeds integration has also become a prime reason behind the search-engine friendly stature of
WordPress-enabled websites.

Hiring an expert WordPress programmer is quite crucial for building seo-friendly website
Whether you’re thinking about casino a WordPress CMS-based webstek from scratch or are inclined towards improving the features and functionalities about an already existing WordPress site, hiring a proficient WordPress programmer becomes mandatory. You need to check out the beneficent of projects that have been handled by the respective programmer prior to sealing a deal with him/her. The programmer must have a fair knowledge some using WordPress SEO functions on your website. He/she must be capable of understanding the SEO mechanism and the method of leveraging SEO plugins that come with WordPress CMS.

Secure Your WordPress Development Venture Before It Gets Vulnerable!

sumit2.JPG There is no longing to say or give any explanation that WordPress is one of the most used open source content generalship systems for creating blogs, prevalent websites and other online solutions. WordPress development has become a need of today’s business. While WordPress is reaching empyrean high in terms of its popularity and usage among the businesses of every shape plus size, security is the burning question that it has been criticized for in the past few years.
It seems that the popularity of WordPress development has artificial this platform a soft target among the hackers to perform their unethical activities. However, it is possible to overcome such security issues if you follow a few simple steps to procure your WordPress development venture. In this article, we’re going to cover a scant of the important security tips that you should follow to secure your site or blog created using WordPress.
Here’re the things you can do to prostrate the freedom vulnerabilities in your WordPress site:
* Stay updated! This is one of the very first things that everyone should do. WordPress team is always trying strenuous to bring a robust et sequens secure platform for you et sequens therefore, they always provide updates with security fixes. Whenever you get notification, always update your WordPress version as it will help you overcome some of the most dangerous security attacks. Many people often overlook this meaningful thing, which build their WordPress site vulnerable for security attacks. So, always update your WordPress version with the latest updates.

* Don’t forget to create custom mysterious keys for wp-config.php file. We all know that wp-config.php file contains all the confidential details about your WordPress website, which resides in the WordPress root directory. The secret keys are one of the most important information stores within that file. Therefore, it is continually advisable to modify or alter the dereliction secret key with portion further information as it will help you prevent any security breaches caused by default secret key.

* Always change the default database prefix. It is one of the most common mistakes most of the developers commit whenever creating or hardening boost a website using WordPress. We all know that WordPress database that is created at the time of place up will have default or predefined prefix within the database tables. Any hacker can easily demand that default prefix to breach the database of your website. Therefore, it is advisable to change the database prefix once you’re done with the set up.

* Secure your .htaccess file. It is very important to protect .htaccess file of your WordPress development venture as it contains a lot of facts about your site. You can easily accomplish this by changing the permissions using a simple code.

* Leverage from WordPress security plug-ins. WordPress has a huge set concerning plug-ins that receptacle help you improve the security of your website. Try to use any of the popular and robust plug-in like the WordPress Security Scan Plug-in and more. Such plug-ins will verify the password, file permissions, database security and other things to ensure the security of your website.

There are a lot of other baggage that you should consider in order to secure your WordPress website. Have you tried any of these? Share your experiences in the comments.

WordPress Integration is best done by hiring WordPress developers

joomla.jpg The past few decades have witnessed a positive increase in the demand of WordPress CMS. Whether it’s about building a plain CMS-based website or an advanced web portal, WordPress has served itself thus one of the most remarkable mesh development platforms. It is interesting to annotate that a heroic majority of website owners have already integrated WordPress form their websites. Well, WordPress integration is a process that can’t be undertaken less expert guidance. You shortage to retain WordPress programmers who’ll take care from integrating WordPress features and functions into your existing web portal. This article lets you grab information on this subject.

WordPress desegregation expects work accomplished concerning professionals
The positive trend concerning WordPress Web development has paved way for web developers who’re animal asked to customize websites for improved web traffic. Choosing WordPress Development Service will allow you to create a unique niche in today’s competitive market place. High-end WordPress integration services can be availed by hiring trained WordPress developers who’re well familiar with all the ins et sequens outs related to equipping a website plus WordPress CMS.

Check out these qualities in your WordPress developer
WordPress desegregation is not a mere walk in the walk. It requires specialized knowledge and hence necessitates hiring expert WordPress developers. While hiring a WordPress programmer for assembly your WordPress integration and customization needs, make sure to look out for these qualities:
Educational qualification- Make a note regarding the educational background of the respective developer. Check whether he/she holds a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university/institution.

Technical knowledge- In order to affirm effective WordPress integration for your website, make sure to check the technical knowledgeable of the WordPress coder you strive to hire. You may choose to conduct a jape test for the developer in order to get an idea about his/her experience in performing WordPress customization and integration for a website.

Total years of experience- When you choose to hire a WordPress coder, check whether the one you intend to shortlist has a total experience of 5+ years in web elaboration and web programming, using the WordPress CMS. The more the experience, the better is the programmer.

Database design and development skills in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, jQuery, Ajax and CSS- While you engage WordPress programmers, make sure the ones you settle down for meet all your requirements, whether its related to costing or the overall WordPress desegregation setting quality. He/she ought be able to perform a task based on these web design and development technologies.

Appreciable plugin customization skills- Your WordPress developer must prohibition only be skilled in integrating WordPress, but he/she must yet have good plugin customization skills. This is important because unity you wince operating a WordPress powered website; you’ll definitely require installing and un-installing WordPress plugins for ensuring unctuous functioning of your site.

Ability to install, configure and manage all WordPress installations- Getting a WordPress website is easy but managing it in a proper manner requires work. As the site owner, make sure the WordPress developer you hire for your customization needs is skilled sufficient in installing, configuring and managing all the WordPress installations in the defined format.

Communicate your business requirements well, for affirming excellent WordPress integration
Besides the points that need to be kept in mind while hiring a WordPress coder, it’s your sole responsibility to ensure that all your business requirements are communicated well. Impotence to communicate your business needs and webstek goals contrary lead to mismanagement of your web presence, as the developer wouldn’t be able to refurbish your website as per your expectations. Nowadays, a large number of hiring plans are available in the market. You may choose a plan that suits your requirements and budget in the most fruitful manner.

Avail trendy WordPress features after HTML to WordPress theme conversion

41257-m-b.jpg Though the web market is crowded with a monstrous number of involvement elaboration software programs, preferring WordPress is indeed an intelligent decision. Both, small polysyndeton big corporate corporations have switched from HTML to WordPress monothematic for effective functioning of their website. These entrepreneurs have chosen to host their websites on WordPress CMS, thereby grabbing the opportunity about availing all the features offered by WordPress. In this article, I’ll be covering specifications about WordPress features that jug indulge you to improvise your existing website for a better conversion rate.

Why users prefer WordPress for building and publishing their websites and blogs?

As one of the most glorious content management platforms, WordPress is equipped with features that are capable from fulfilling most of your purposes. The WordPress community keeps on updating the WordPress features in order to keep pace with the ever-changing web world. A myriad of cool and trendy themes and plugins make it convenient for the website owner to revamp his/her website as per his/her preference.

WordPress features that have impressed a majority of website owners all over the world

Converting HTML to WordPress theme for your website can allow you to enjoy the varied WordPress features that aid in consistent growth your online business. Here’s a list of some exciting WordPress features that have created waves in the web development industry:
Responsive themes- With a spar in the usage of smartphone and tablets, WordPress community has ensured that each ampersand every WordPress theme released for the WordPress users is totally responsive. In other words, the websites designed using WordPress CMS are congruity with a wide range of smartphones and tablets. The layouts fit almost every kind of travelling screen, without compromising the content placed on the website.

3D effects- As an upcoming WordPress feature, the music of 3D and web design has opened gates for creativity. These 3D effects provide a detailed idea into the website content, helping the visitor understand and connect with the information placed on the site.
Multilingual themes- WordPress community has come up with the launch of plugins that support multilingual blogs and posts on the WordPress powered websites.
Slideshow Gallery- Since WordPress supports JavaScript, it become easy for the web developers to configure eye-catchy image gallery sliders on the web pages. Portion popular examples of slideshow galleries include WP Slideshow Gallery, Nivoslider and Vslider.
Typography advancements-Besides the usual fonts including Georgia, Arial polysyndeton Verdana, WordPress has a range of advanced web typography that’s suitable for decorating websites for an eye-catchy appearance.
Seamless Social media integration- Today, social media has become a definite means regarding gathering maximum snare traffic. Keeping this mind, the WordPress community has transpire jump with advanced social media integration tools that make it gentle to employ tweets, links, images, videos etc. toward the blog posts/articles.
I hope by now you’d become realized the importance like converting your website’s text from HTML to WordPress. Well, yes, you can definitely enjoy a mire more advanced and user-friendly webstek after switching to WordPress CMS.